The water that flows through our homes touches every part of our life, from the clothes we wash to the water we cook with. We believe that the water in your home should be of the highest quality.

Homes are at risk for common water problems and it’s skin, hair, and appliances that suffer the consequences. There are several reasons for this; hard water, contaminated water, but often, it’s simply the test of time. Pipes slowly waste away, municipal or well water can become filled with contaminants, and all of this flows from the faucet and into your hands.

CGC Water Kinetico has made it our mission to install water softening solutions in homes and businesses in Michigan and Florida.

Everyday we hear from homeowners that are hesitant to invest in a new water filtration system. Regardless of what’s holding you back—Cost, Installation, Fear of commitment—we have a solution.

How does a risk free trial sound?

That’s right: risk free! We are so confident that you will love your Kinetico Water System that we’re offering a 90 day risk-free trial. For a mere $9.95 per month you can have crisp, pure water flowing from your faucet.

Discover what contaminants may be in your water and how Kinetico Water Systems is providing a solution!

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