How do Kinetico’s Commercial Products provide quality outside the home?

From large industrial applications to households, water sustains life. Kinetico is a renowned name in the world, offering a wide range of products manufactured in the USA. Kinetico’s products have gained the trust of its broad customer base for years and are determined to provide clean and clear water free from all impurities.

Kinetico water system also has a range of commercial products that provide you with quality even outside your home, how is that you ask?

Hospitality Industry – Hotels and Restaurants

The Hotels and restaurants in the USA are known to have large applications for Kinetico’s commercial products. These specialized products include water softeners which are known to convert hard water to soft water to ensure squeaky clean floors, sanitary wares, brasswares, and  laundry cleaning. Commercial Reverse Osmosis systems provide healthy drinking water. Water is vitally important in the kitchens of these hotels, which in some cases, also house a restaurant within the premises. The restaurants demand safe drinking water for purposes, including cooking, to ensure not only optimal taste experience for its customers, but also sound health. The Kinetico water softeners remove the calcium and magnesium ions in the hard water through an ion-exchange process.

The made in the USA Kinetico products are compliant with best standards and regulations while ensuring that soap scums do not hamper the luxurious glow and touch on surfaces. Kinetico products have been serving the hospitality industry efficiently and cost-effectively. Also, an added benefit of all Kineticos commercial products is its sustainable approach with lower carbon footprints thus making their use an environment-friendly experience.


Kinetico Commercial Products are imperative in ensuring the safety of water in hospitals. Kinetico water treatment system is used to supply pure hot and/or cold water to the operation theater, washer-disinfector units used for cleaning and disinfecting medical devices and also to sterilize surgical instruments. Kinetico helps in providing services specific to each medical facility or hospital to meet their precise requirements.  

Golf Courses

For years golf course managers were earlier forced to use poor-quality water with high contaminant levels or total dissolved solids (TDS). Kinetico’s Reverse Osmosis (RO) solutions are compact and easy to use, producing freshwater that is also called permeate.

Reverse Osmosis, in simple terms, occurs when pressure is applied to the solute with a high concentrate of contaminants.

Kinetico Commercial RO systems have been widely used in golf courses, particularly in coastal areas where potable water is sourced from the ocean and the leftover salt water is dumped back. Kineticos RO systems are known to remove up to 99.99 percent of impurities from water, thus making it safe not only for human consumption but also for enhancing the greenery of landscapes. The systems work for 24/7, but the maintenance costs are still low, and hence the products have garnered more trust from various industries in due time.

Pool Salts in Residential Neighborhoods

A common misconception about salt water pools is that they taste salty like the water in the seas and oceans. Ocean water has 35,000 PPM (Parts Per Million) whereas a chlorinated pool requires about 2500-4000 PPM. Pool salt is electrolyzed when dissolved in a salt water pool transforming the chloride in the salt to chlorine and passes through the pools filter system.

Kinetico also delivers pool salt for customers in and around residential neighborhoods to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience for them to manage their private pools. The salt water pool should always be in a pristine condition and ready to enjoy. Place your order for pool salt for your pools with Kinetico. Our experts also extend free water quality test for your homes. 


Kineticos Commercial products are designed and engineered to handle the varying water demands when it comes to producing healthy water for residential and commercial purposes such as hospitals, hotels and golf courses. The consistent and top-notch quality meet high-efficiency requirements while lowering your maintenance costs for increased performance.

Our local water experts have decades of experience in the water systems and Kinetico products. Kinetico is the most trusted and renowned brand for water filtration systems for commercial and residential use. Connect with one of our experts to learn more about the product range that will suit the intended use of application in your industry. 

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