How Will You Have Clean Water After a Severe Storm?

When news reports show the broken homes, flooded streets, and widespread devastation, one of the most important things you’ll need after a storm is access to clean drinking water. Storms and water emergencies are unpredictable. Waiting until the last minute to ensure you have access is a luxury you can’t afford.

High winds and rain aren’t the only things that damage infrastructure; the widespread flooding can contaminate water supplies. Due to how widespread these flooding and tidal surges can become, you can’t assume the water immediately after a storm is safe to drink.

In the days leading up to a storm or flood, we’ve all seen news clips showing the videos of the grocery stores stocking up on bottled water and crowds rushing to get their share. But these stocks run out, and with roads flooded or covered in debris, it’s difficult to know when they’ll get water back.

One way to ensure a safe supply of water for your family is with water filtration systems such as drinking water systems, reverse osmosis water systems, and whole home water systems.

The Dangers of Water Contamination

The damage to city infrastructure and local wells is so massive post-storm that the safest option you have is to assume all of the water coming into your home is contaminated. This is more than just drinking water; it shouldn’t be used for brushing teeth, washing food, making ice, cleaning dishes, etc. Anything that this water touches that you could end up putting inside your body could put you at risk.

The rain resulting from the storm surge is more like acid rain, which is a mixture of saltwater and chemical pollutants. This acidic rain then results in flooding and runoff. Chemicals and contaminants are then forced into the public water supply or private wells in no time.

Physical damage is another way flooding, resulting from heavy rainfall, makes its way to contaminate the pure water. Pipes carrying the drinkable and clean water get easily affected by the uprooted trees causing damage to pipes. This can cause the entire water system to become exposed to the contaminated acidic water, debris, and runoff.

Reverse Osmosis: A Robust Drinking Water System

The first and foremost step of tropical storm preparation should be emergency water management. One of the most reliable solutions for emergency situations is reverse osmosis – a system to produce safe drinking water. The reverse osmosis water system can easily produce portable and clean drinking water, no matter what the source of water is. This energy-efficient and expedient water purification system can even purify the floodwater.

As coastal communities are more exposed to the risk of natural disasters like stronger storms, a reverse osmosis system can prove to be the most cost-effective, efficient, and practical method to produce safe and clean water.

Kinetico Systems: An Economical Water Filtration System

A Kinetico water system works all by itself and is driven by the force of moving water. Water filtration is made easy with a Kinetico system. There are no timers to set, no buttons to push, no plugs to connect, and no adjustments to make.

The electrical service to your home can become interrupted during a storm and remain so for days or weeks. Kinetico systems are powered by the force of moving water, allowing you the peace of mind to know that you’ll have safe drinking water even after a storm.

With a built-in water meter, the Kinetico water system operates on an on-demand basis, and this on-demand operation assures its best performance while providing a constant supply of drinking water. Instead of using an old-fashioned regeneration process, Kinetico water systems make use of an advanced process that’s designed to be robust and produce clean and safe drinking water for your family.

Getting Water Delivered? Stock Up and Save Water!

A severe storm could potentially cut off the water supply for days. In this situation, contacting our bottled water delivery service and stocking up on plenty of bottled water seems to be the best and a pretty obvious option. Just keeping a supply of emergency water might save your life.

Many of our customers have reported that they use the jugs in our delivery service as a way to safely store potable water post-tropical storms. We’re huge fans of this idea because it keeps used plastic water bottles out of our environment and helps our customers stay safe.

The team at Kinetico CGC Water has decades of experience keeping our customers supplied with safe, clean drinking water. Please schedule a call and let us help with your storm preparations.

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