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Kinetico Premier Water Softeners

Kinetico Premier

Water Softeners

Kinetico Premier Series Water Softeners offer exceptional performance and can be calibrated to your exact water conditions. Once installed, they will help you save on operational costs and eliminate waste.

We’re so confident about our Premier Series water softeners in St. Augustine will that we back them with the most comprehensive, flexible warranty you’ll find.
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Powerline Pro Water Softeners

Powerline Pro

Water Softeners

SmartSoft Water Softeners


Water Softeners

The SmartSoft II water softener comes in two designs. This allows you to best choose the water softener system that meets the demands of your household. The resin scrubber VorTech design increases water softener efficiency by decreasing backwash rates by 30 percent and pressure loss by up to 40 percent. Its bottom plate allows for better resin cleansing which, in turn, will decrease water use. The second design is the light commercial design. It can deal with high hardness levels and flow rates.

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At CGC Water, we don’t just sell water softener systems in St. Augustine, St. Johns, FL but our very own water softener system specialists will install and service your new water softener system.

When you obtain a water softener system in St. Augustine, St. Johns, FL through us, you know we’ll be here to service it for years to come.

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