Salt-Free Water Systems

Many Michigan, Florida and Georgia homeowners aren’t even sure where to begin when it comes to hard water troubles. Thankfully, CGC Water Kinetico Systems is here to help! Soft water benefits are wide-ranging and affect many rooms in the home. From less pipe scaling, cleaner laundry, and softer skin, soft water is a must-have for […]

Kinetico Water Dechlorinator

Tired of the smell and taste of chlorine? The Kinetico Dechlorinator is an accessible, easy solution that can be attached to virtually any water softener. The Dechlorinator does just what it says, filters chlorine out of your water, leaving a clean, odor-free stream. Using a tight seal, the Dechlorinator works even under rough, adverse conditions […]

SmartClear Iron and Odor Filtration

Are you plagued with an overwhelming smell every time you turn on the faucet? Is your clothing being stained by high iron levels? Consider Kinetico’s SmartClear Water System your knight in shining armor! Designed to fit both residential and commercial uses, this system uses smart technology and comprehensive data analysis to control impurities, filter iron […]

Water Filtration Equipment Maintenance & Service

You made the commitment to invest in fresh, clean water for your home or business so why not keep it working at its best? The service specialists at CGC Water Kinetico are factory-trained, certified, and have years of experience in repairing and performing maintenance services on all of our Kinetico equipment. Our water equipment technicians […]