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Top Reasons to Install a Home Water System

Do you use groundwater, a private well or municipally supplied tap water in your home? Did you know water from these sources can contain high levels of waterborne contaminants and settled minerals? The combination of contaminants and minerals not only make it unfit for consumption and daily hygiene routines, it can also lead to significant damages to plumbing and other appliances due to the substandard water, making the need for installing a home water system that much more crucial.  

These days, based on the type of water supply and your primary concern, a variety of water systems  are available, from high-end and sophisticated to those that simply clean the water from the entryway of your home through a standard inlet and supply filtered water to all faucets and showers.

Home water systems are safe and affordable solutions that ensure the purity of potable water and make it fit for consumption for all your needs. Still in doubt? Continue reading as we discuss the four main benefits of installing a home water system.

  1. Availability of safe drinking water: No matter what the source of water is in your home, it could still contain harmful contaminants like lead and chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, to name a few. Even chemicals like bromine, used for disinfection, need filtration before use. When an increase in pollution becomes an environmental challenge, over time it will degrade the water quality.

    Installing a home water system and water softeners ensures the safety of your water and provides you a peace of mind to your health. Gastrointestinal diseases are at bay and clean water assists in better digestion, thus making you feel active and healthy. CGC Kinetico products are trusted for their best-in-class products from reverse osmosis (RO) systems to water softeners. The taste of pure water is not only refreshing but helps you feel energized and active while doing simple activities, such as daily chores.
  2. Stress-free showers and laundry: As a homeowner, it is easy to only be concerned about the water you drink, but what about the water you clean your clothes or bathe in? It is important to think about all the areas of your life where water serves an important purpose for you and your family. Unsafe water while showering and doing laundry, is just as unhealthy for your body, as your skin absorbs the contaminants, causing it to be dry and irritated.
    Using the CGC Kinetico home water system, you can use water from the tap for brushing and washing, without having to worry as the purity of water is ensured. It is particularly helpful in washing off soap scums, and the soft water forms lather quickly, letting your clothes breathe oxygen. 
  1. Safety of plumbing and related appliances: Harmless minerals can pile up and create havoc in your plumbing system and affect the lifespan of your appliances such as the faucets, water heater, and dishwasher, to name a few. To enhance the lifespan of your appliances, a home water softener is the best purchase for you to get the most use out of your appliances. Live stress-free and save the extra cash by reducing costs that can accrue from appliance repairs.
  2. Enjoy an environment-friendly lifestyle: Are you lured into marketing campaigns for bottled water and you buy one every time thinking this is the right thing to do? Have you ever listed your expenses on bottled water and compared it with the cost of installing a home water system? If not, here’s a fact – The cost of bottled water is much higher than a home water system.

Moreover, it’s not about money but the quality and taste of the water as well. The plastic bottles are sterilized using chemicals due to which the water becomes relatively unsafe for drinking purposes. Plastic bottles also take years in landfills to break down causing the environment much harm. When the bottles are not disposed of properly, it becomes a hazard for animals and other insects too.

Switching to a home water system like the RO systems from CGC Kinetico will not only save you significant costs but will also help save the environment.  

Not sure which is the best home water system for your house? CGC Kinetico offers a range of products for all your water filtration and water treatment needs. Our highly qualified and trained water technicians are here to serve you and recommend the best products with reliable and trustworthy services. We’re dedicated to help our customers and ensure that clean contamination-free water is accessible by everyone. Feel free to contact us.

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