Reverse Osmosis

Understanding Reverse Osmosis Systems

There’s just nothing like a glass of fresh, clean water. With the right water filtration system, every drop of water from your tap will be pure, clean, and oh so, refreshing!

So, how do you choose what kind of system to buy? In this handy article, we’ll examine reverse osmosis, a popular option that will give you the best quality drinking water right from a tap on your sink – the reverse osmosis system.

How Reverse Osmosis Works

Reverse osmosis is a stunningly simple concept that makes a big difference and not all systems are the same.

The main principle is water being forced through a filter or membrane and removing impurities in the process. Many manufacturers offer RO systems but we’ve found the K5 system offered by Kinetico to work exceptionally well and has several features that others don’t.

Why It’s Different

The K5 Reverse osmosis system offers a housing unit that offers up to 5 filter options to meet your specific needs.

The standard comes with 3 filters, one to remove chlorine, anther to remove contaminants such as metals, PFAS, and nitrates (the center membrane) and one more to eliminate additional compounds that could result in foul tastes and odors.

With additional ports you can add up to 2 additional filters if your situation dictates. These additional filters can protect against arsenic, organic compounds like pesticides and percolates. There is even a filter to add minerals back into your drinking water that are good for you but not good for your home’s plumbing.

Lastly the K5 is unique in the industry in that after it is used it self flushes the membrane with clean pure water so the next time you want a glass of fresh water you can be sure that it is passing through a clean membrane and not one holding on to all the water contaminants from before!

The Benefits of Reverse Osmosis

There are many. Unless you have had your water tested recently you may not be aware of all the things in your water. The smell or the taste may be your main concerns but there are many things that could be hiding in your water that you are better off not consuming.

Having a RO system gives you peace of mind knowing that you are drinking pure water, free of all the unknown contaminants that can make it into our water systems.

It can also save you money over time by preventing the purchase of those expensive bottles of water that boast exotic locales, pristine glaciers and natural springs, which in a lot of cases, the water has just as many “unknowns”; as drinking water from a garden hose, including the very plastic that make up the bottles.

Kinetico also offers industry leading warranties on their reverse osmosis systems. In fact, if you have a Kinetico water softener installed in front of your K5 system they will warranty the center membrane filter for 10 years making them cost effective over their lifetime.

All of this doesn’t even take into account the environmental impact of what is the result of a generation that has become conditioned to drink bottle water.

What’s Next?

The tips above can get you started toward cleaner, healthier, better tasting water. For more information, check out what the CDC has to say.

To start filtering your own water, give us a call or schedule your free water analysis!

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