Salt Delivery Services

Automatic salt delivery works just like any subscription service. When you sign up, you get the number of salt bags you need, delivered regularly to your door. The team at CGC Water Kinetico Systems is taking the burden out of salt for water softeners. CGC Water Kinetico offers automatic salt delivery for customers, in Michigan, Carolina’s and Florida, who need a seamless, hassle-free experience in managing their water filtration systems. Auto-delivery ensures hard water issues caused by missed pickups or busy schedules are not just avoided, they’re eliminated. We deliver the salt you need, when you need it, for your home’s water softener. Discover how automatic salt delivery is offering convenience without sacrificing your salt solution!

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Salt Delivery Services

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Salt Delivery Services

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Salt Delivery Services

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Salt Delivery Services

Automatic Salt Delivery in Jacksonville, FL, Michighan and the Carolina's

Salt Delivery Services

Here at CGC Water Kinetico, we understand that professional water tests can diagnose many of the issues you may find with your water. With a proper diagnosis, you can come up with a solution. Whether or not you’ve gotten a professional diagnosis, we offer a wide variety of water treatment services like automatic salt delivery to people in Jacksonville, FL, Michigan and the Carolinas. We do recommend that you take us up on our free water analysis we offer. If you are interested in our automatic salt delivery service, contact us today!

Pool Salt Delivery

CGC Water Kinetico Systems is excited to offer pool salt delivery in northeast Florida!

Our specialists deliver specialty salt for saltwater pools. In fact, we even have an automatic salt delivery system for water filtration systems!

Particularly in Florida, saltwater pools are becoming the popular choice for the outdoors. This chlorine-free, more natural pool is a cleaner and safer choice for the whole family. Not to mention that it’s a lot more fun as the water is softer and painful red eyes are virtually nonexistent.

CGC Water Kinetico wants to help you make the most of your saltwater pool. The main issue that many homes have is salt delivery. Our team is eliminating the hassle by offering pool salt delivery.

A common misunderstanding concerning saltwater pools is that the water will taste salty like the ocean. This is thankfully not the case, as that would take a heck of a lot more salt. Ocean water has close to 35,000 PPM (parts per million) of salt, whereas saltwater pools require between 2,500-4,000 PPM.

When pool salt is dissolved into a saltwater pool, the generator electrolyzes the salt and the chloride in the salt is transformed into chlorine as it passes through the pool’s filter system.

Saltwater pools are considered chlorine-free because instead of using a chemical mixture, the chlorine is made in the pool’s system, drawing it from the salt. This is a safer, cleaner option than the chemicals found in traditional pools.

CGC Water Kinetico Systems is proud to offer pool salt delivery for Jacksonville customers who are looking for a seamless, hassle-free experience to manage their pool. You can choose from manual delivery when you need it or set up automatic delivery, scheduled to fit your pool’s unique needs. Auto-delivery ensures your saltwater pool is always in pristine condition and ready to enjoy.

A certified member of our team will deliver the salt you need when you need it most. To learn more about our pool salt delivery, call our Florida offices today! Our teams of water specialists and service technicians have gone through certifications as well as continuous training to ensure they understand the products to best meet your needs and have refined customer service skills.

When you choose CGC Water Kinetico, a trusted technician will deliver the service you need, efficiently and effectively. Our technicians have years of experience and will identify potential issues, solutions, or even give you a helping hand with your water issues. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone, give us a call, and schedule your first pool salt delivery with CGC Water Kinetico Systems.