Salt Delivery Services

At CGC Water Treatment and Plumbing, the automatic salt delivery service functions similarly to a subscription service. By signing up, you can receive a regular delivery of the required number of salt bags right to your doorstep. This eliminates the burden of managing the salt supply for your water softeners. With automatic salt delivery, customers in Michigan, the Carolinas, and Florida can enjoy a hassle-free experience in maintaining their water filtration systems. Missed pickups or busy schedules will no longer cause hard water issues, as our auto-delivery service ensures timely and consistent salt supply. Our team delivers the necessary salt for your home’s water softener when you need it, providing convenience without compromising the effectiveness of your salt solution. 

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Salt Delivery Services

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At CGC Water Treatment and Plumbing, we recognize that professional water tests are crucial for diagnosing various water issues. With a proper diagnosis, we can provide a solution to your problems. Even if you haven’t received a professional diagnosis, we offer an array of water treatment services, including automatic salt delivery, to residents in Jacksonville, FL, Michigan, and the Carolinas. We highly recommend taking advantage of our free water test to help identify any potential issues with your water. If you’re interested in our automatic salt delivery service or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Pool Salt Delivery

CGC Water Kinetico Systems is excited to offer pool salt delivery in Northeast Florida!

Our team of specialists provides specialty salt delivery services for saltwater pools. Additionally, we offer automatic salt delivery for water filtration systems.

In Florida, saltwater pools have become a popular choice for outdoor swimming. These chlorine-free, more natural pools provide a cleaner and safer swimming environment for the entire family. Plus, the softer water and absence of painful red eyes make for a more enjoyable swim.

At CGC Water Treatment and Plumbing, we’re dedicated to helping you make the most of your saltwater pool. One of the main challenges for many homeowners is obtaining pool salt. That’s why we offer convenient pool salt delivery services to eliminate the hassle.

There’s a common misconception that saltwater pools will taste as salty as the ocean. Fortunately, this is not the case, as it would require a significantly larger amount of salt. While ocean water contains close to 35,000 PPM (parts per million) of salt, saltwater pools only require between 2,500-4,000 PPM.

In a saltwater pool, when the pool salt is dissolved, the generator electrolyzes it and the chloride in the salt is converted into chlorine as it passes through the pool’s filtration system.

Saltwater pools are often referred to as “chlorine-free” because instead of using a chemical mixture, the pool generates its own chlorine by drawing it from the salt. This method is a safer and cleaner option than the chemicals found in traditional pools.

At CGC Water Treatment and Plumbing, we are delighted to provide pool salt delivery services to our Jacksonville customers who desire a stress-free and convenient way to manage their pool. You can choose between manual delivery or set up automatic delivery tailored to your pool’s specific needs. With auto-delivery, you can rest assured that your saltwater pool will always be in immaculate condition and ready for your enjoyment.

To ensure your pool remains in great condition and ready for use, a qualified member of our team will deliver the necessary salt at a time that suits you best. For further information on our pool salt delivery services, please contact our Florida offices today. Our dedicated team of water specialists and service technicians have undergone extensive certification and ongoing training. They possess the necessary knowledge of our products and possess exceptional customer service skills to meet your requirements.

At CGC Water Treatment and Plumbing, we guarantee efficient and effective delivery services by trusted technicians with years of experience. Our team is committed to identifying potential water issues and providing you with the best solutions. If you need a helping hand with your pool’s salt delivery or other water-related issues, don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule your first delivery with CGC Water Treatment and Plumbing.