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Whether you need water filtration supplies, bottled water, filters, purification, whole house treatment or custom designed commercial water systems – CGC Water Kinetico offers the widest selections anywhere – THE BEST WARRANTIES and THE BEST VALUE. Save with CGC Water Kinetico.

CGC Water - History

Our Professional Promise

As an authorized, independent Kinetico water systems dealer, we hold ourselves to higher standards. Our water professionals and service technicians keep your best interests at heart. Whether we’re analyzing your water, helping to determine the best solution for your water challenge or explaining how Kinetico water softeners work, no one will bring more professionalism into your home or is more interested in your total satisfaction. We promise.

Our History

CGC Water Kinetico is a 4th generation family business for over 70 years. CGC Water Kinetico has expanded to represent multiple manufacturers, including the ultra-efficient, non-electric Kinetico water systems, serving customers in Georgia, Florida and Michigan. We pioneered the installation of automatic water softeners on well water. We were the very first Kinetico dealer ever. We were the very first to offer the new non-electric water treatment system over 30 years ago and have grown to become one of the largest Kinetico Dealer in the United States. We offer water treatment selections from the lowest price option, to the most economical to maintain, to the highest efficiency models.

Our Professional and Experienced Staff

The CGC Water Kinetico Difference

Having clean, clear water is essential to your family’s health. Tap water is often so full of contaminants and impurities that it’s safety and purity are questionable. Water purification is a must for any home. Getting the top experts in the business to purify your water is also important; saving you time and money.

Simplicity is key at CGC Water Kinetico. Most water filtration companies use electronic devices that work on pumps and timers that can easily break or be damaged during electrical storms. CGC Water Kinetico uses the power of moving water itself to operate its equipment. There is no electricity involved. This means fewer chances for things to break and far fewer service calls. The company’s unique equipment also monitors the use of water in your home and only filters what you actually use. This eliminates wasted water and is much better for the environment.

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