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Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation in Michigan

Garbage disposals are an incredible tool to have in your Michigan home. However, like many home appliances, there is always some wear and tear from constant use. Whether you need a new garbage disposal system installed or your system needs professional repair services, the experienced plumbers at CGC Plumbing can help no matter the situation.

Tips to Keep Your Garbage Disposal System Efficient

There are several things that can deeply damage your garbage disposal system if you try and put them down your drain. Here are some things you should refrain from putting down your garbage disposal:
  • Coffee grounds
  • Bones
  • Nuts
  • Potato peels
  • Pasta, bread, rice, oatmeal
  • Grease, fats, and oils
  • Eggshells
  • Celery, pumpkin, corn husks, asparagus
  • Seafood shells
  • Paint
  • Pits of any kind – cherry, avocado, peach
  • Large quantities of food at once
  • Trash like plastic or twist ties
  • Harsh cleaning chemicals

When to Call the Plumbing Professionals

If you’ve noticed any of the following problems – give us a call today:
  • Clogged garbage disposal
  • The system won’t turn on
  • Garbage disposal is making strange noises
  • Wastewater backing up into sinks
  • System leaks

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