Having Guests for the Holidays? Make Sure Your Water Systems are Ready!

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a crimp in many holiday plans, but that doesn’t mean your family members aren’t still planning to come over and bring the fruit cake and green bean casserole. If you are planning to have holiday guests over in December, it is a good idea to make sure your water systems are ready for an influx of people, even during social distancing.

When a water softening or water filtration system is functioning perfectly, it is easy to forget that it’s even there. But even the most well-oiled machine needs regular maintenance. Before your holiday guests arrive, give CGC Water a call to come and do an inspection to ensure your water systems are in tip-top shape.

Whether you have a water softener or a drinking water filtration system, it is always a good idea to do routine maintenance on them to make sure they are functioning properly.

The service specialists at CGC Water Kinetico are factory trained and certified to perform maintenance on your Kinetico equipment. Sign up for an automatic preventative maintenance schedule, and our technicians will come out and retest the raw water coming into your house and then test the treated water to make sure your Kinetico system is still filtering out the impurities you need it to remove. We will check your bypass and shut off valves to make sure they are in good working order and make sure your system settings are where they need to be. We will also check for leaks.

Water softeners

At CGC we offer many different types of water softening equipment. Kinetico Premier Water Softeners use kinetic energy – or the motion of the water – to soften your water. The great part about that is that even if there is a holiday power outage caused by bad weather, your water softener will continue to work. Our AccuDial feature calibrates the system to address the specific water conditions in your home, which will save you money on operational costs and eliminate waste.

The Kinetico water softeners contain resin beads that are made up of sodium ions. When hard water filters through the beads, the beads remove the magnesium and calcium that makes your water hard and exchanges them for the sodium. At CGC, our technicians will check the resin in your water softener to make sure it is still working properly or add salt to the appropriate levels. Our Kinetico Water Systems use less water and only use 1 pound of salt. Traditional water systems use between six and 18 pounds of salt. Our service technicians will also rinse the pre-filter or replace it if necessary. Both of those are included in the preventative maintenance plan.

The Powerline water softener has an automatic regeneration system that runs on a 12-day electronic calendar. It allows the customer to decide when and how often the system should regenerate. It is a great system for homes that tend to use about the same amount of water on a daily basis. If your system doesn’t automatically regenerate, we will put your system into regeneration to check the cycles.

Water filtration system

For water filtration systems, such as our Kinetico reverse osmosis options, our maintenance technicians will change and sanitize the system’s pre and post filters annually, check the reverse osmosis pressure tank, and analyze the water before and post treatment with reverse osmosis to make sure the system is working well.

Our most popular reverse osmosis system is the K5 Drinking Water Station. The system uses a number of filters to weed out chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, and dissolved solids that can make your drinking water smell and taste bad. Water is forced through the filters and a permeable membrane to filter out all of the impurities, so it is important to check your filters periodically to make sure they are working properly and to make sure the R/O membrane is still intact and functioning well. The K5 includes a MACguard filter and a PureMometer Filter Life Indicator. The MACguard filter is easy to switch out, while the PureMometer Filter Life Indicator will tell you how long you have until you need to replace it. The K5 Drinking Water Station usually is installed in the kitchen because it works well for filtering your water for drinking and cooking, but it can fit anywhere.

Our AquaKinetic drinking water system uses kinetic energy to push the water through a series of three filters, a pre-filter, the main filter that facilitates the reverse osmosis process, and a carbon post-filter. CGC Water also offers whole home water filtration based on the problems we find in your water through our free water analysis. These systems will remove iron, chlorine and odor from your home’s water.

As the New Year approaches, it is always a good idea to put water system maintenance on your calendar. That way you start 2021 off on the right foot. To learn more about our water system maintenance plans, give us a call at our Michigan or Northeast Florida location. Our Florida location also serves Southeast Georgia. 

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