Are you plagued with an overwhelming smell every time you turn on the faucet? Is your clothing being stained by high iron levels? Consider Kinetico’s SmartClear Water System your knight in shining armor!

Designed to fit both residential and commercial uses, this system uses smart technology and comprehensive data analysis to control impurities, filter iron and sulfur, leaving you with fresh water for the whole family.

Through Vortech distributor technology, the SmartClear Water System also operates with sustainability in mind, contributing to efficiency by reducing backwash rates by 30% and diminishing pressure loss by 40%. Clean, chemical free water is just a call or click away. Experience the Kinetico solution; a difference you can see, smell, and taste.

Kinetico’s water filtration maintenance team is available for any and all issues that may arise. Regular maintenance is recommended to keep your SmartClear system working at its highest capacity.