Salt is a necessary addition to some water filtration systems but it can be a bit of a hassle.

That’s why our team is offering this delivery service to ensure that your water filtration system gets the care and treatment it needs without breaking your back. To find out if you qualify, contact our team to discuss your filtration system and how we can help.

CGC Water Kinetico Systems believes that soft water is a luxury that every home should be able to afford. Our water specialists want to get to the bottom of your unique water needs. Be it tough stains on your appliances, dry skin and hair, or if you want a drinking water solution, give our team a call!

Having clean, clear water is essential to your family’s health. Tap water is often so full of contaminants and impurities that it’s safety and purity are questionable. Water purification is a must for any home. Getting the top experts in the business to purify your water is also important; saving you time and money.

Most water filtration companies use electronic devices that work on pumps and timers that can easily break or be damaged during electrical storms. CGC Water Kinetico uses the power of moving water to operate its equipment. The elimination of electricity means a lower risk for things to break which equates to fewer service calls. The company’s unique equipment also monitors the use of water in your home and only filters what you actually use. This eliminates wasted water and is a much more sustainable alternative.