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Water Filtration Equipment Maintenance & Service

Kinetico Water Equipment

You made the commitment to invest in fresh, clean water for your home or business so why not keep it working at its best? The service specialists at Kinetico CGC are factory-trained Kinetico technicians and have the know-how to repair or perform maintenance service on all of the equipment that we offer. Our water equipment technicians are always prepared with the necessary parts to keep your water treatment system working in Northeast Florida and Michigan. In addition to a wide range of filters that need to be replaced periodically, a trained water system maintenance professional will check your water quality. They will also regularly sanitize the entire system to ensure that the equipment is up to code.

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Automatic Salt Delivery

Kinetico Services Near MeDS Services provides quality reverse osmosis and carbon water filtration solutions and service.

Automatic delivery works just like any subscription service. When you sign up, you get the number of salt bags you need delivered regularly to your door.

Which means:

  1. No more lifting heavy bags in and out of your trunk.
  2. No more trying to time your salt pickup down to the day.
  3. No more “no salt” periods when a busy schedule prevents timely purchase and pickup.

Kinetico CGC offers automatic salt delivery for customers who need a seamless, hassle-free experience in managing their water filtration systems. Auto delivery ensures hard water issues caused by missed pickups or busy schedules are not just avoided, they’re eliminated. We deliver the salt you need, when you need it, for your home’s water softener. When you sign up for automatic salt delivery with Kinetico CGC, every time you buy 10 bags, you get one free! It’s easy to qualify. First, fill out the form to the right to get started. Once your subscription is activated, your buy 10, get one free offer begins right away.

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Pool Salt Delivery

Pool Salt Delivery NE Florida and Michigan

Kinetico CGC is now offering pool salt in Florida!

When pool salt is dissolved in a salt water pool, the generator electrolyzes the salt and the chloride in the salt is transformed into chlorine as it passes through the pool’s filter system. A chlorinated pool requires about 2,500-4,000 PPM (parts per million). A common misunderstanding about salt water pools is that the water will taste salty, like in the ocean. However, this is not the case. Ocean water has around 35,000 PPM, which is a great deal more than a salt water pool.

Kinetico CGC Jacksonville offers pool salt delivery for customers who need a seamless, hassle-free experience in managing their saltwater pools. Auto delivery ensures your saltwater pool is always in pristine condition, and ready to enjoy. We deliver the salt you need, when you need it. Contact us today to learn more!

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Water Softener Chemicals and Supplies


Kinetico CGC has all the supplies and chemicals you will need to keep your home’s water system fully functional. We carry a wide selection of water filters, chemicals, softener salt and bottled water and related accessories.

Contact us today to learn more about purchasing supplies and chemicals for your water.

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Kinetico Water Supplies

Bottled Water Delivery Service

Bottled Water Delivery

Not only does Kinetico CGC offer superb customer service, but they also offer the best water solutions on the market. We provide Pure Water – which is the best filtered, purified water; Spring Water, which still has minerals incorporated; and Distilled Water, which is water purified by distillation.

Contact a local Kinetico CGC office near you, a bottled water delivery expert. We will schedule your first delivery of water and design a delivery schedule at a time that is convenient for you. Order as much or as little as you like at a time.

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Water Treatment Services in FL & MI

Here at Kinetico CGC Water, we services our customers from locations throughout Michigan and Jacksonville, Florida. We understand that professional water tests can diagnose many of the issues you may find with your water. With a proper diagnosis, you can come up with a solution. Whether or not you’ve gotten a professional diagnosis, we offer a wide variety of water treatment services to people in Jacksonville, FL and Michigan. We do recommend that you take us up our free water analysis we offer. Take a look at our services, and if you are in need of any of them, contact us today!

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