Why Soft Water is Better for Your Skin?

Soft Water is Better for Your Skin

Soft water treated with water softeners offers numerous benefits for the skin. It reduces dryness and irritation and improves overall skin health and appearance. The usage of soft water as a better skin care option has become a popular choice.  This article explores the advantages of water softeners and water filtration systems and how soft […]

How Water Softeners Can Help Your Wardrobe?

Water Softeners Can Help Your Wardrobe

Water softeners are a valuable addition to any household, offering numerous benefits beyond just providing soft water for drinking and cleaning. In this article, we will explore how water softeners can specifically enhance your wardrobe. By removing minerals and impurities through efficient water filtration, water softeners can protect your clothes, extend their lifespan, and enhance […]

Long-term Benefits of Clean Water

Clean Water

Clean water is an essential resource for human survival, with profound impacts on our health and well-being. Installing a whole-home water filter can be a game-changer, ensuring access to clean and safe water for everyday use. Let’s dive into the long-term benefits of clean water and how water filtration systems play a crucial role in […]

Clean Water Draft: Top Picks for Common Contaminants in Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Clean and safe drinking water is crucial for our health and well-being as water is an essential element for life. However, not all water sources are free from contaminants. Contaminants can be naturally occurring or introduced into water sources through human activities, posing risks to human health. With the NFL Draft coming up, we will […]

Kinetico Water Treatment Systems Perfect for Commercial Businesses

CGC Water installed a Kinetico reverse osmosis system at a Chick-Fil-A

It isn’t just homeowners that can benefit from having a good water filtration or water softening system to clean up their water. Commercial businesses can benefit too. There are a number of businesses whose clients and processes could benefit from a commercial or industrial-grade water softening or water filtration system, including condominium and apartment buildings, […]

Thanksgiving Dinner: How Much Water Is on Your Plate?

Thanksgiving Dinner: How Much Water Is on Your Plate?

Did you know the average American family wastes 180 gallons of water per week? That’s 9,400 gallons a year! Water waste doesn’t just come from washing hands or taking showers. It also comes from the food you eat, and Thanksgiving dinners use a lot of water.  From the water used to grow vegetables to that […]