Maintenance & Service

Water Filtration Equipment Maintenance & Service

Water Filtration Equipment

Maintenance & Service

In addition to periodic filter replacements, our trained water system maintenance professionals will check your water quality. They will sanitize your entire system regularly to ensure that your system is always up to code, and your family experiences the best of Kinetico.

At Kinetico, we offer a range of water filtration systems customized to your specific water issues. Whether your water has pungent odors, high pH levels, or you desire to drink water straight from the tap, we have the right solution for your home.

Explore our filtration systems and experience the clean and soft water in your home’s future. Trust Kinetico to power your home with water that you can always rely on.

SmartClear Iron and Odor Filtration

Maintenance & Service

If you’re struggling with unpleasant odors emanating from your tap water or your clothes are getting stained due to high levels of iron, the SmartClear Water System could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

This water system is suitable for both residential and commercial settings. It is equipped with smart technology and advanced data analysis capabilities to effectively manage impurities, filter out iron and sulfur, and provide your entire family with clean, fresh water. Think of it as your reliable ally in the fight against impure water.

With Vortech distributor technology, the SmartClear Water System prioritizes sustainability by reducing backwash rates by 30% and pressure loss by 40%. Enjoy chemical-free and fresh water with just one call or click through Kinetico’s solution that makes a difference in taste, smell, and appearance.

To maintain your SmartClear system’s optimal performance, rely on Kinetico’s water filtration maintenance team for assistance with any issues. Regular maintenance is highly encouraged.

Kinetico Water Dechlorinator

Maintenance & Service

Are you tired of the taste and smell of chlorine in your water? The Kinetico Dechlorinator offers an easy and accessible solution by attaching to virtually any water softener. It effectively removes chlorine from your water, leaving you with clean and odor-free water.

Designed to withstand rough conditions without impeding water flow, the Dechlorinator uses a tight seal. Many of our customers prefer to invest in a Kinetico Dechlorinator water filter system as it can easily fit into their existing water filtration system. Even the most comprehensive water system could benefit from an extra boost, and the Kinetico Dechlorinator offers an electricity-free solution.

With a smart system that eliminates waste while providing crystal-clear water, you can save both cost and energy.

Salt-Free Water Systems

Maintenance & Service

If you’re a homeowner in Michigan, Florida, Georgia, or Carolina struggling with hard water, CGC Water Kinetico Systems has the solution for you.

Hard water can cause issues in many areas of the home, from scaling on pipes to dull laundry and dry skin. Soft water can alleviate these problems and improve the overall quality of your home’s water. While there are many salt-free conditioners on the market, Kinetico offers scientifically-backed systems for guaranteed results.

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