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Signs You May Need a New Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are essential fixtures in modern kitchens to prevent food particles from clogging your sink.

According to a report by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), garbage disposals can last up to 12 years. However, like any other appliance, whether it lasts longer or shorter than the average lifespan, depends on how you maintain it.

Wondering when is the right time to ditch your old garbage disposal and get a new one?

Here are some of the signs which can help you decide to go for repair or replacement of your garbage disposal.

  1. Frequent clogging: If your garbage disposal clogs constantly, it either indicates that the blades have gotten dull or the garbage disposal is too small. The garbage disposals are sized by their horsepower. The higher the horsepower, the more food it can break down in one sitting.
  1. Leaking Garbage Disposal: Leaks from the top are less serious as they often point to a damaged flange or putty seal where the unit connects to the drain. These flanges or seals can easily be replaced. However, if the garbage disposal is leaking from the bottom, it indicates a damaged seal inside of the unit. In such a case of leaking garbage disposal, it is usually more cost-effective to get a new garbage disposal.
  1. Foul odors:  Wherever there is food waste and moisture, the risk of foul odors increases. Oily and sticky waste can’t be run down the garbage disposal. It will tangle in the blades and promote clogs. While running hot water can help in the removal of the food particles, they sometimes get lodged in deep corners and aren’t accessible enough by the hot water.
  1. Slow drainage: If it takes too long for water and waste to run down the drain, it requires plunging to unclog the drain. Plunging involves passing hot water and hurling it repeatedly. If it doesn’t work, you may need to replace the garbage disposal.
  1. Dysfunctional unit: The first sign of an outdated garbage disposal unit is that you have to press the RESET button too often. You may also notice that the blades of your garbage disposal aren’t turning, but there is a humming sound when it’s turned on. This is an indication that though the disposal is getting power, a clog or other obstruction is blocking the blades.
  1. Longer time to grind: If the disposal unit is taking a long time to grind down the food, it means the blades have become less sharp. It may also indicate a weak motor that can no longer handle the workload it has been designed for. In such a case, you need to replace the garbage disposal.

A functioning garbage disposal helps keep your sink and pipes clean. The problems associated with the unit could impact the way you cook or wash up. While some garbage disposal issues respond to repairs, others require a full replacement.

If you have any issues with your garbage disposal, trust the team at CGC Water and Plumbing for professional garbage disposal services and solutions. We can help ensure that your garbage disposal is up and running to the standards you and your home need.

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